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Our History

ScriptGuideRX, INC., a Michigan corporation, was established in 1990 and began offering pharmacy benefit management services in 2001. Currently ScriptGuideRX’s client mix includes self insured entities such as cities, counties, and private companies, union trusts, and fully insured products.

ScriptGuideRX at a Glance

ScriptGuideRX’s model is based on transparent network pricing with full disclosure of all fees and includes comprehensive, quality pharmacy benefit management services including:

  • Customized benefit design
  • Benefit management based on the client’s chosen benefit design
  • Point-of-sale claims and benefit administration
  • A national pharmacy provider network (55,000 pharmacies)
  • Mail Order Pharmacy Service
  • SpecialtyRX services
  • Rational reporting
  • Flexibility in formulary management - product exclusions or inclusions
  • Personalized account management
  • 24/7/365 member services

ScriptGuideRX deploys a “Virtual Delivery System” that seamlessly integrates and coordinates the management of a common or variable benefit design for a client in a concentrated or geographically dispersed workforce.

ScriptGuideRX’s Approach to the Market

ScriptGuideRX’s chosen business model of full disclosure of all fees and discounts sets it apart in the marketplace. Other PBM’s “a la carte” approach to pricing makes it difficult for a client to know up front what their costs will be since there can be extra charges for such items as denied claims and prior authorizations.

ScriptGuideRX charges/discloses the following fees:

  • A claims processing fee for paid claims only
  • A per member per month administrative fee
  • A fee for claims processed manually (direct member reimbursement, duplicate coverage, etc)
  • Disclosure of Agent Fees and Commissions
  • Pass through cost for replacement cards

ScriptGuideRX Achievements

ScriptGuideRX has demonstrated the ability to bring to its clients some of the industry’s deepest discounts for generics and plan designs that result in significant savings. The following is a sample of clients’ savings as a result of switching to ScriptGuideRX.

  • An insurance company has had a paid/loss ration averaging 72.5% or $16 PM/PM for over five years with SGRX
  • A 1,600 life MEWA's claims cost diminished from $88,000 to $67,780 per month within six months of moving to SGRX
  • A large Union TrustPlan saved in excess of 2 million dollars over two years

Any customer who chooses ScriptGuideRX as its pharmacy benefit manager has access to these same discounts regardless of their size.

What Sets ScriptGuideRX Apart?

Find out why we're the right choice for your pharmacy benefit management